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Russia and Ukraine: how social media is the new espionage, finance, recruiter, propaganda and weaponry of modern warfare

Both sides in the Russia-Ukraine conflict are using civilian populations as a military resource to fund, hack, spy, spread propaganda and enlist through social networks, a Kensington audience heard. Gregory Asmolov, a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics, … Continue reading

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Kiev: a stunning city which everyone should visit right now before everyone else does

“Flora, do we call security for the Ukraine flights?” Not the best start on arriving for check-in at Heathrow. Flora reassures her colleague that the presence of G4S is no longer required for such a destination. Three hours of flight … Continue reading

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London raises funds to help war-torn Donbass

A PACKED Islington cafe hosted a fundraising event for hospitals and schools caught in the middle of Ukraine‚Äôs civil war. More than 70 people spilled out onto the street to attend an auction at the Blackstock Kitchen, Blackstock Road, to … Continue reading

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Ukraine and Russia: a clash of ideas on the streets of London

This is a statue of St Volodymyr, which states that he was a 10th-century ruler of Ukraine, on Holland Park Avenue, London. I took this photo in June, 2014, and as I was doing so a young Russian guy came … Continue reading

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